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EV JOY Car Share is a personalized transportation service that helps car owners who drive less than 1000km per month save money and drive better cars. EV JOY Car Share puts you in the driver's seat of a state-of-the-art electric vehicle while not having to pay for the high cost of ownership. It will make you feel good using a zero-emission vehicle and do your share for clean air.

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When you subscribe to EV Joy Car-Share, you will become a shareholder of the company. EV Joy is a social enterprise with a mission to empower our members to live a worry-free lifestyle and positively impact their health, their wealth, and our shared environment.

Our customized transportation packages will generate the best value for your needs, as our members save on average $300 per month compared with the cost of car ownership.

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Why EV JOY? Because it is a JOY to drive a luxury electric vehicle and not stop at the pump. It is a JOY saving money on gas, maintenance and insurance. It is a JOY reducing your carbon footprint. 

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Owning a car does cost you between $600 and $1500 per month, depending on your lifestyle. But times are changing, and you have to bear that cost, whether you have an income or not. With EV JOY Car-Share, your monthly expenses will be lower while driving a more excellent car. And the costs will be calibrated to your needs and to your income.

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With Advanced Cruise Control and Lane Keeping Assistance, long trips can be more comfortable to handle and more relaxing. These features are incorporated in soon to come autonomous driving cars, making driving fun and safe.

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After the COVID 19 pandemic, we can choose to change our way of thinking, be more aware that we cannot take things for granted anymore, and be more cautious about how we impact our day-to-day life. The alternative is to continue living in ignorance until something else will affect our well being.  We have chosen to take a proactive approach and take action against things there are under our control. Such things as our carbon footprint, the way we spend our disposable income, being an example for our children or, in some cases, being persuaded by our children. This is how the idea of a Social Enterprise came to light, and our aim to provide a more viable and affordable choice for people's transportation needs.

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EV JOY Car share
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