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You are a retired person living in the White Rock / South Surrey area. You bought a car just a few years ago as your old vehicle needed too much maintenance. You keep your car parked in the underground parking of your condo building, and occasionally you use the car to go shopping, to go to the doctor, and golf with your friends at Morgan Creek Country Club. For shorter trips, you like to walk as you need to keep in good shape. Once a week you have dinner with your family, and a few times a week when raining you take the car when you go to play Pickleball at South Surrey Rec Center. Sometimes, you are tired, you don't feel like driving, but because you made promises to your friends, you need to get in the car and join them for entertaining activities. Even when you had to go to the doctor as you were not feeling very well, you needed the car, although you know it could be dangerous to drive while feeling under the weather. Your vehicle is roughly costing you $600 per month in gas, insurance, maintenance and depreciation, but you are doing well financially, and you don't mind the cost. You barely used the car during the lockdown, but still, your cost was $500 per month in insurance and depreciation, but this is life you tale it as it comes. After the lockdown ended and people started to take back their life, you met an old friend at Timmy's for coffee. As you park your car, he was getting out of a car with stickers on the door reading  REDDY2GO and EV JOY Car Share, and the driver dropped him off at Timmy's and went on his way. You asked him who drove you here? He tells you that he sold his car, got $22000 for the 2017 Lexus bought for $35000 three years ago, invested the money with a private equity company and became a shareholder of EV JOY Social Enterprise. He is paying just $400 per month and can use the car when he needs to drive or get a ride anywhere in White Rock and South Surrey when he needs to go to some places and don't want to drive. Also gets rides to the doctor's office, shopping centers, and the golf club as while golfing, he likes to have a couple of beers when he plays golf with his buddies. He also mentioned that as a shareholder of EV JOY Social Enterprise, 2% of his monthly bill goes towards purchasing more shares, and he gets dividends at the end of the year that offset some of the monthly cost.That made you curious, as now you have a choice to hold on your depreciated asset or hold on an investment.

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